How to make it in(to) porn.

PornMaking guides you on your way into porn. We'll show you how to get noticed, how to earn money and gain attention with webcam work, how to behave with fans and followers and how to apply at porn studios.

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Video Camera on Set (Taken by ShareGrid on Unsplash)

Get comfortable.
Get experience.
Get known.

Porn is not for everyone, it might be tempting to get paid for sex, but it's not as easy as it sounds.


Camming is a great way to test the waters, nearly every laptop comes with everything you need and you can quit anytime.

Social Media

Connecting with your fans and gaining a following are essential to get the word out about you. Act professional, be teasing.


Get professional photos taken of you for your portfolio. Photographers often work for free if they can add your photos to their portfolio.


Fill out an application on an agent's or studios' website. Be prepared what to expect, what to avoid and value yourself.



"Show feet bb" is likely one request you'll run into when interacting with viewers. They are lucrative when doing webcam or amateur video work, but doing fetish porn professionally can lead to regular studios avoiding you.

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Before ending up with fifty asian men lining up to unload on your face you might want to inform yourself about sex practices. The more you do, the higher the pay check, an orgy pays more than pleasing yourself solo.

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Staying healthy and being safe should be your number one priorities. Sexual diseases are common, condom protection is not. Avoid shady practices and studio bosses testing you personally.

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Keep your hair under control. Rocking an afro in your private parts is out since the 80s. Learn how to trim and shave properly without having a razor burn haunt you in your 4K video.

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Toys are a great addition, especially when performing solo. Materials containing phthalates can be a safety risk, others are hard to clean. Learn what to avoid and how to maintain your toy collection.

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  • Signup & Start

    It only takes confidence, a PC or laptop, a webcam and a decent internet connection to start your broadcast. To help make it easier for you and quickly become a pro we have assembled this quick guide.

    Beginner's Guide
  • Apps & Chat

    Don’t underestimate having a chat with your viewers, it helps you enjoy your broadcast more and viewers having a good time become fans and followers quickly. Apps can not only help you making more money but also be fun.

    Broadcast Guide
  • Privacy & Safety

    It’s important to not have your broadcasting experience affect your personal life. While there is no need to be ashamed of it anymore, it’s still looked down upon and can affect your career. Follow these tips to keep your privacy intact.

    Privacy Guide
  • Audio & Video

    It doesn’t need much to start a broadcast: A PC or laptop, a decent internet connection and a webcam are enough to try it out, but you should always invest your first money into improving your equipment to improve the viewing experience for your fans.

    Setup Guide
  • Tweet & Tumble

    Social media can be very helpful to boost your broadcast, connect with your fans and build a following. Find out which social media to use, what’s allowed to post and keep your privacy.

    Social Media Guide
  • Me & Myself

    A bio is very helpful to answer repeated questions, most commonly about your age, your sexual orientation and your nationality. Chaturbate allows you to have an extended bio you can design yourself using a limited selection of HTML tags. This allows you to have a tip menu, show pictures of yourself, include a link to your wish list or your social profiles like Twitter. Even when you are offline.

    Bio Guide
  • Photos & Videos

    Please viewers who can't get enough of you, offer them photo sets, clips and videos - custom or pre-made. Find out the benefits of each way to host a private show and consider selling your usernames on social media and messenger services.

    Services Guide

Step-by-step guide to start broadcasting on Chaturbate